BURIAL GROUND - “Pieces” c82 

 A vile nightmare from Anthony Shaw, never ceasing to amaze with his unparalleled vision of horror-obsessed static death. Completely without light, leaving only barren emptiness. Originally available as a limited edition 8-track cartridge, we are happy to unleash this deluxe cassette re-issue, significantly extended this time around with a full new 40+ minutes of audio destruction on the B side. Harrowing sonic void dedicated to the classic 80’s masterpiece film. Blood red shell cassette with double sided lacquer-sealed labels comes gruesomely packaged in oversized 8” x 5” white vinyl clamshell case, includes numbered xerox insert and full color sticker. Contains graphic artwork, must be 18 to purchase. Hand-numbered edition of 44. Not for fans of music.

Edition of 44

VI : Dedicated to Dr. Donald Kahl - 2xc30 

Double whammy cacophony, deep maroon gash against virgin white field.  Raging session of crude slice and attack from harsh noise duo Matt Mayer (NNA Tapes, A Snake In The Garden) & Michael Timmers (Lord Bird, LBGC). Nasty fresh wound of Vermont, acrid disinfectant / sharpened steel! Matched set of two black shell c30‘s w/ black on black labels comes packaged in double-tall clear Norelco cases. Each copy includes free download code for two hypno-therapy sessions beneficial for true bettering of self. Full color cardstock J-card features photo of antique field surgery kit. Hand-numbered edition of 30, rusted scalpel cuts deep.


OFFICE SKIN - "Slough"c18
     “The only instrument to be heard on this recording besides the human voice & a standard drum kit is the Ansible. It has a purple gray face and sensitive ears that can reproduce anything it is told, within reason.  A cluster of wires in the guise of a marionette... Mixxxed under duress (the first time) from a Tascam 388 (of Paul’s Boutique fame!) Many versions curated or disposed of in the process... Thrash is not trash. Peruse this living document in the spirit of our seafaring forebears, who know sinking stones raise the bar.”
                             - Andy Neubauer

    Office Skin is Andres Varela / Harry Childe of Minneapolis. Recorded to 1/4” tape by Andy Neubauer & Lungman in Phillips neighborhood, Spring 2014. Toxic lime green cassette w/ black imprint, professionally duplicated to cobalt tape. Packaged with cardstock insert featuring electronics how-to illustration and xerox insert, edition of 100.

Edition of 100

AK'CHAMEL, The Giver of Illness - "My Form Has Been Extinguished" VHS

      Bizarre and intense neo-pagan gargle from the shadows of Texas. Dead chuffed to present this new original film work from Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness entitled “My Form Has Been Extinguished”. A warped and lovely stew of damaged folk/broken world music/ low-fi black metal and tangled tape wonk, "My Form…" is a gloom-laden hypnotic document following a faceless shaman’s quest to incarnate the primordial spirits of chaos and destruction. Organic forms twisted and incessantly folding into deeper new selves for complete dissolve of the physical realm. Extreme psychedelia, 56 minutes. CAUTION: This film contains heavily manipulated visuals which may cause severe nausea in some viewers. This film also contains “strobe” light effects and is not to be viewed by anyone with Epilepsy, or by anyone using a pace maker or mechanical heart assistance. Bright red shell VHS comes packaged with full color spine and face labels, housed in heavy black vinyl clamshell case with full color cardstock artwork and “This Film May Make You Sick” warning insert. Analog fetish object, delivering supreme audio/visual disassociation for only the most melted of minds. Hand numbered edition of 50, upsetting and beautiful.

Edition of 50

LAND - The Container c36

     Pleased to unleash this new analog offering from Minneapolis psych-unit. Trio of Graham Baldwin, Jason Millard and Matthew Himes return to the imprint with three tracks of heavy Kyuss-jazz minimalism and Space Cadillac maneuvers. Imprinted smoke shell cassette comes packaged with double sided glossy cardstock J-card featuring barren and stark found photography in clear Norelco case. Professionally duplicated to Type II chrome in an edition of 100. Heavy and swirling caveman rock structures dissolve and turn to smoke. Features members of Myrrh and Visitor. Soundtrack for zero visibility navigation through deep fog bank.

Edition of 100

JASON MILLARD - Second Based c30

Wow, such a warped and ripping solo debut from Jason Millard of Minneapolis. In case you have not been paying any attention at all; J. was the guitar man in the psych-pound group LIGHTED. He currently plays lap steel in experimental doom-rock trio MYRRH, as well being bass slinger in minimal Kyuss-jazz unit LAND. But this... this is something else entirely. We are blissed to deliver these fresh recordings to the people, providing only the most uncompromising sounds for our dedicated (glutton for punishment) listeners.
        An actual album of songs, all written at the time of recording, mostly 1st take. No long form improv noodle here, rather a series of concise sonic statements, mashing to congeal into thick paste for ideal forehead smear. These recordings are RAW, using the simple means of basically only voice, acoustic guitar, and tape machines. No looping pedals or fuzz distortion pedals were used in the making of this album. The results are staggering; crude glimpses of brilliance through the murk. Like ZZ Top trying to play “Meet The Residents”? Bizarre but catchy, almost tangible but severely mangled. Outsider song-smithery that puts to shame the throngs of hippy dippy “psychedelic” singer-songwriters that people seem to drool over. This sounds less like watching grass grow and more like peeling paint with gasoline. Heavy solvent fume, grotesque production values, so fucked. Difficult to accurately describe but completely unforgettable, coming to you with our highest possible recommendation.
 Professionally duplicated to Type II Chrome, imprinted bright orange shell cassette comes classically packaged with full color baseball card artwork in black/clear Norelco case. Includes large double sided fold-out 4” x 17” xeroxed lyric sheet, edition of 100. Prepare for vapor lock.

Edition of 100

SIR ISAF GUL - s/t c30

 Scored a few copies of new-old stock from 2011. The long out of print, totally wrecked self-titled cassette from Sir Isaf Gul. Deranged free improvisations for homemade 4 stringed guitar and voice. B.B. (of Styrofoam Duck, Free Boys) plugged in, hit record and went totally ape-shit bonkers. Circular uber skronk anti-riffs and garbled stream of consciousness shrieking. Black out the windows baby, I think I'm gonna puke. Bizarre falsetto screeching and tourette's syndrome growls over de-tuned string torture and distinct non-structures. Sounds for the nuclear age, and strictly off the cuff. Real time duplicated black shell cassette with bright ocean blue labels comes packaged with fold out double sided cardstock J-card. Artwork features an evocative full color photograph by Paul Borman portraying the good Sir himself crawling on the floor wearing his best Janet Reno outfit and crawling into the refrigerator. Classic!


GERMAN ARMY - T’rung c40


Straight burner from the shadows of Southern California. German Army has been producing a furious stream of liquid electro/industrial jams over the last few years. This newest cassette album captures a perfect mixture of field recordings with cold synth groove, beat creep and careful vocal fry. Very tasty. Pro-duplicated and imprinted opaque yellow shell cobalt c40 cassette comes packaged with hand screen-printed yellow>orange “dunes” cardstock J-card with fold out 2” x 8” insert on bright yellow art paper. Hand-numbered edition of 100. Hovercraft cruise hour just got a bit more comfortable. 

Check the killer vid from Moduli TV
Also available in EU through Yerevan Tapes.

MEN of SCIENCE - Antiseptic c44

Medicinal dirt for cure all home remedies. Men of Science is the collaborative duo of Andreas Brandal and Matthew Himes. Crude violin scrape, heavy handed tape mangle and gruesome drone nightmare elevates to alchemic trance. Recorded in Minnesota and Norway 2013. Real time duplicated translucent red shell cassette with red and white labels comes swaddled in sterile gauze with stark first aid J-card. Hand numbered edition of 50. Manual upkeep for perpetually broken bodies. 

Edition of 50

JOHN ZUMA ST. PELVYN - Lost Masters of the Shortwave Choir  c46

        Digging deep trench with well rusted spade, Saint leans hard and delivers explosive manifestation of supreme destructo-beauty. Followers of the imprint may recall the previous transmission from John Zuma Saint Pelvyn a while back, now Minneapolis archtop guru triumphantly returns with trademark six-string froth and delicate bliss wobble. Long form diatribe via whammy chops vocabulary provides much needed escape from this perpetually oppressive sphere. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated and imprinted clear shell Type II chrome cassettes come elegantly packaged w/ full color translucent "stained glass" artwork featuring original collage by M.H. and hand-cut circular art paper insert. Hold to shining light for maximum tranquility through focused devotion. Sun-stroked feedback and elevated fingerpick shimmer physically rips tattered holes through the very fabric of time itself. Mixed and mastered by Peter Conheim of Negativland. A beautiful document, pristine and invisible.

Edition of 100 (Only 5 copies remaining!)