SIR ISAF GUL - s/t c30

 Scored a few copies of new-old stock from 2011. The long out of print, totally wrecked self-titled cassette from Sir Isaf Gul. Deranged free improvisations for homemade 4 stringed guitar and voice. B.B. (of Styrofoam Duck, Free Boys) plugged in, hit record and went totally ape-shit bonkers. Circular uber skronk anti-riffs and garbled stream of consciousness shrieking. Black out the windows baby, I think I'm gonna puke. Bizarre falsetto screeching and tourette's syndrome growls over de-tuned string torture and distinct non-structures. Sounds for the nuclear age, and strictly off the cuff. Real time duplicated black shell cassette with bright ocean blue labels comes packaged with fold out double sided cardstock J-card. Artwork features an evocative full color photograph by Paul Borman portraying the good Sir himself crawling on the floor wearing his best Janet Reno outfit and crawling into the refrigerator. Classic!

Edition of 50

GERMAN ARMY - T’rung c40


Straight burner from the shadows of Southern California. German Army has been producing a furious stream of liquid electro/industrial jams over the last few years. This newest cassette album captures a perfect mixture of field recordings with cold synth groove, beat creep and careful vocal fry. Very tasty. Pro-duplicated and imprinted opaque yellow shell cobalt c40 cassette comes packaged with hand screen-printed yellow>orange “dunes” cardstock J-card with fold out 2” x 8” insert on bright yellow art paper. Hand-numbered edition of 100. Hovercraft cruise hour just got a bit more comfortable. 

Check the killer vid from Moduli TV
Also available in EU through Yerevan Tapes.
Edition of 100 (less than 25 remain)

CLEAR FLUIDS -  After Dark
VHS / c28 / 7” lathe cut flexi

Deep synth wash and sexual pulse, erotic science fiction magic for modern mankind. After nearly two years in the works, we are happy to finally unleash this new music video EP. Two sample videos are posted here and here. Grainy cathode ray transmissions, kaleidoscopic aerobics programs, camcorder spelunking, B-flick midnight movies, and romantic pantyhose commercials, chewed and spat in psychedelic throbbing mass. 23 copies are the standard edition, which includes a kush green VHS (NTSC) with mauve & white spine and face labels and retro melt warning, packaged in large black clamshell with full color cardstock insert. Each copy includes an extended cassette version of the album, translucent green shell c28 with mauve & white labels and full color cardstock J-cards. 10 copies are the die-hard "Deluxe" edition, which features different artwork in lime green clamshells with black VHS stock (except for ONE lime green tape mixed in at random!) All ten “Deluxe” packages include a clear shell c28 cassette, as well as a beautiful limited edition lathe-cut flexi square 7" record, featuring an exclusive Clear Fluids track entitled “La Femme de Chambre”, otherwise unavailable. Completely clear one sided polycarbonate 33rpm records cut by 2208, screen printed on the B sides by M.H. All orders include custom purple prophylactic for to always be prepared. Strange and banging soundtrack for deep head space and cruel libidos. 

Edition of 23 (only 5 left!)

Edition of 10 (Deluxe)

MEN of SCIENCE - Antiseptic c44

Medicinal dirt for cure all home remedies. Men of Science is the collaborative duo of Andreas Brandal and Matthew Himes. Crude violin scrape, heavy handed tape mangle and gruesome drone nightmare elevates to alchemic trance. Recorded in Minnesota and Norway 2013. Real time duplicated translucent red shell cassette with red and white labels comes swaddled in sterile gauze with stark first aid J-card. Hand numbered edition of 50. Manual upkeep for perpetually broken bodies. 

Edition of 50

BURIAL GROUND - Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things  
8 track cartridge

Brilliant new massive transmission of hellish wall noise from Burial Ground. Brutal analog stasis of the highest order, deep static attack in honor of the cult classic film “Children Shouldn’t Play WIth Dead Things”. Over an hour of roar and crumble makes for heavy time, not for fans of music. Real time duplicated eight track cartridge comes with full color wrap-a-round labels, made in a hand numbered edition of 22. These eight-tracks have been produced using recycled stock, but only the very best cartridges have been used for this project. First two copies are flame orange, next five copies are black, and the remaining fifteen copies are white. Includes bonus full color 2.75” x 3.25” “sweater girl” sticker. Ultimate dissolve, drown in the void.

Sold Out!
Copies maybe still available through Worthless and Dub Ditch?


New Mexico desert dwellers Dain Daller and Amanda Speer return as Tirehouse Tapes with this remarkable second installment of deep desert improvisation, distinct junk clatter and bizarre detritus experiments. Long form player of bump and sputter, synth wobble, shriek and pilfered tone rattle. Hair caught in broken zipper, this one wonks steady. Real time duplicated bright tangerine translucent shell c48 with chocolate brown labels comes packaged with double sided cardstock three-panel J-card featuring original full color photograph of the Tirehouse itself. Hand-numbered edition of 50. Sand sound, sweet song.

Edition of 50

RATTLESNAKE EGGS -  8 track cartridge

Crude slither electronics from Rattlesnake Eggs. Mournful and vague textures, vile leather skin.

"The most widely accepted hypothesis for the evolution of the rattle is that the rattle is a warning device for predatory animals that might be a threat to the rattlesnake. It produces a signal to drive them away."
- Rubio
 Real time duplicated black shell eight track cartridge w/ bright yellow and black labels comes packaged in matching yellow and black cardboard slipcase, protected in custom heavy vinyl outer sleeve. These eight-tracks have been produced using recycled stock, but only the very best cartridges have been re-used for this project. Hand-numbered edition of only 10 copies. Blown out and burnt, obscure sleaze for cold-blooded insomniacs.


THE HOWLING HEAD - Wrong Way c10

Extreme document of circular cavernous shift from The Howling Head. Minimal harsh reality soundscapes for mind altering onslaught. No instruments or effect pedals, entirely sourced from field recordings of public transit and outboard marine motors. Real time duplicated translucent purple shell c10 cassette comes packaged with bright green and black labels and matching xerox-death art paper J-card in a clear Norelco case. Warning, this cassette has been specially mastered for ultimate audio destruction.  Hand-numbered edition of 25. Sumamente dañado.

Edition of 25

LAND - II c20   
        Fresh new cassette EP of minimal doom psych from Minneapolis power trio. Heavy and swirling caveman rock structures dissolve and turn to smoke. Made in a limited hand-numbered edition of 25 for recent live appearance, and the last remaining copies are available here while supplies last. Blue transparent shell cassette comes packaged with fold out screen printed true black art paper J-card w/ black and white lacquer sealed labels. Features members of Myrrh and Visitor. Soundtrack for zero visibility navigation through deep fog bank.

Sold Out!

JOHN ZUMA ST. PELVYN - Lost Masters of the Shortwave Choir  c46

        Digging deep trench with well rusted spade, Saint leans hard and delivers explosive manifestation of supreme destructo-beauty. Followers of the imprint may recall the previous transmission from John Zuma Saint Pelvyn a while back, now Minneapolis archtop guru triumphantly returns with trademark six-string froth and delicate bliss wobble. Long form diatribe via whammy chops vocabulary provides much needed escape from this perpetually oppressive sphere. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated and imprinted clear shell Type II chrome cassettes come elegantly packaged w/ full color translucent "stained glass" artwork featuring original collage by M.H. and hand-cut circular art paper insert. Hold to shining light for maximum tranquility through focused devotion. Sun-stroked feedback and elevated fingerpick shimmer physically rips tattered holes through the very fabric of time itself. Mixed and mastered by Peter Conheim of Negativland. A beautiful document, pristine and invisible.

Edition of 100 (10 copies remaining)

BLOODWALL - The Smell of Burning Anti-Freeze c40

       A serene and pastural lattice of melodic modulations intertwine for complex harmonic bliss. Graham Baldwin (of Visitor, 2208 Records) comes through full force with this stunning new long-play album of ethereal guitar and minimal electronics, conjuring meditative numb mode for tranquilized agoraphobia. “The Smell Of Burning Antifreeze” provides an interesting juxtaposition to previous Bloodwall releases. Where earlier work features prominent drum machine thump and electronic sputter, these beautiful new recordings capture a more pristine and distilled approach, showcasing supreme six-string chops complimented by deep synth water-tone. A dee II cassette comes packed in 100% post-consumer recycled brad pack sleeve featuring two color screen-printed artwork sourced from original photograph by G. himself. Print and design by M.H. Released in an un-numbered edition of 100. A delicately layered sheen of circular shamanic sound.

Sold Out!
Available through Pent Up 

MYRRH - “Hymns” c32   

      Sludge-mystics trigger involuntary trance-mode. Myrrh is the power trio of Jackie Beckey (of Brute Heart), Andie Mazorol (Mother Of Fire, Visitor) and Jason Millard (Lighted). who have made a name for themselves around Minneapolis with their epic and minimal form of instrumental doom pummel... but the instrumentation itself also sets this group apart. Viola, Lap Steel, Electronics and Drums weave together to form what could possibly be the heaviest folk music ever made. There is an air filled sense of space throughout these recordings, while still providing detailed crunch and clarity to the goings on. Sweeping strings and percussive plucking folded over sliding fuzz and tone-crackle, backed by enormous crushing rhythm. Restrained yet unbelievably massive. Recorded by Jason Misik to 1” tape, and mixed by John Marks (Art of This). Professionally duplicated black shell chrome Type II cassette with silver ink imprint comes packaged with a double-sided glossy cardstock J-card featuring original black and white photography by Andie Mazorol in a clear and black Norelco case. Dramatic and drifting psychedelic doom anthems for tomorrow’s sweat soaked soirée.



 CORPSE CANDLE - "Don't Kill The Messenger" - c40

         A painful voyage, lumbering and poisoned. Robert Meldrum delivers with a singularly gruesome and severe approach for this new long play album of eerie drone swamp and mangled horror sound. A set of five brutal navigations through crumbling tunnels of stone and rubble, hurling headlong into the pit of stinking tar. Haunted wailing and undulating sulphur tone morphs into abrasive grinding shrapnel,  an ultimately terrifying apparition. Real time duplicated translucent Ghoul-Green cassette with black and white labels comes packaged with glossy double sided black and white cardstock J-card in a matching custom-painted green and clear Norelco case. Hand-numbered edition of 50. The howl of triumphant decay.

Edition of 50


VALES - "Surface" c28

       Crisp and coarse sandpaper sonics conjured from exceedingly harsh and precise synthesizer dominance. No nonsense electronics and concentrated seethe styles. Honed to fine edge, slicing with pure display of focused power. Vales is the solo outlet of David Doyen, now providing some of his harshest work to date, opting for maliciously deliberate full on drill churn maneuvers. Light the pyre and fry the friar. Real time duplicated clear shell Type II Chrome cassette comes with hand numbered double sided cardstock J-card featuring original vortex collage artwork by M.H. w/ matching plum labels in a clear Norelco case. Shifting currents and walls of pristine ferocity. No arpeggios, guaranteed.

Edition of 50 (only 5 left)

 SASHASH ULZ - "Hibernation" c32

       Two sides of twisted sonic canopy for sweet, sweet solitude. Lucid tape loop hypothesis from Sashash Ulz of Russia, zone deep and lose self in the ultimate circular dissolve. After a furious swarm of releases on such stalwart labels as Digitalis, Goaty, and Hooker Vision, we at Lighten Up are proud to present this newest expanse of mind-numbing audio dreg. Using a series of multiple tape loops played simultaneously through multiple tape machines, providing fresh nitro glycerine boom-box wobble for complete brain melt. Swollen neanderthal perpetual! Real time duplicated black shell Type II chrome cassette with kush green labels comes packaged with matching full color double sided card stock J-card featuring blazed original collage artwork by M.H. in a clear Norelco case. Blissful garble-trance supreme for proud social rejects, true abandonment. Hypnotic warp mode ala crude analog voyeurism, as it should be.

Edition of 50 (last few copies!)