BLOODWALL - "Tonic" c64

New stunner from long running solo project of Graham Baldwin (Land, Visitor, Three Walls) of Minneapolis, MN. Bloodwall has been an active project for nearly 13 years, evolving in form though retaining a consistent inner voice and sonic approach. Here Graham pushes beyond familiar spheres, delivering over an hour of masterful melodics and deep listening. Minimal organ, synthesizer, circular guitar patterns and mechanical rhythm, woven to form a soft enveloping cloth to cushion the weariest of heads. Nine tracks representing the culmination of the project up to this point. Harmonic trance / synth mesmerism for ultimate dissolve.

Professionally duplicated / imprinted matte black shell Cobalt cassette comes packaged with full color fold out J-card featuring original painting by Ryan Fontaine. Edition of 200.

Edition of 200

TABOO - "Every Funeral Ever All At Once Right Now Forever" 2xc34

Proud to unleash this new album from powerful Maine clan, TABOO. Renaissance romance / sharpened stone, battle cry through acrid smoke. The clan has developed an elaborate mythos and deep symbolic language over the years, the work here some of their most accomplished to date. Ballads of victory and strength, modern bards of lost knowledge.

Matched pair of professionally duplicated green shell Cobalt cassettes comes packaged with double sided glossy 80 pt. J-cards. Front photo of Taboo taken with slide film and developed as color, with no digital effects. Tape 1 adorned with the symbol for music and clan in the sense of a family through musical activity. Tape 2 features the symbol for hearth/fire and in that sense location, i.e. where you are or rally whether marked by a bonfire, wood stove, gas range, lighter or torch. At times this symbol may represent a funeral pyre, where the eternal aspects are clearly visible.


Package includes a beautiful 16 page color/black and white lyric & statement booklet to offer additional insight and enlightenment. All is housed in a deluxe matte black A-2 card box with custom art paper insert and full color glossy photo binding featuring the clan in their natural environment. Limited edition of 100 copies. Over an hour of remarkable sound, offering protection from the emanating void.

Edition of 100

THREE WALLS - 'Radio One / Radio Two' c58

Giving a brave few the fleeting chance to grip this long form transmission from duo of Graham Baldwin (Bloodwall) & Jefferson Zurna (Three Moons) a.k.a. THREE WALLS. Hard panned stereo, radio static mantras and ambient interference improvisations.
Limited re-issue of the private edition cassette from 2011. White noise circular transcendence, drowning in between frequencies. Each player was equipped with only an AM or shortwave radio unit and sampler, real time conjuring of congealed mass.

Real time duplicated emerald green shell cassette with lacquer sealed labels comes packaged in double sided two color process print J-card on 80 pt. gloss stock, featuring the iconic "Three Walls" symbol, hand numbered edition of 25 copies. Churning aural smog, long form shrapnel for reckless stroll off cliff edge or careful tiptoe through fragrant rubbish heap.

Edition of 25


Disturbing document of reeking ritual electronics and sonic spell-casting, the meeting of minds truly melted. Weeping Windows is the duo of Andy Neubauer (Twin Whips, Cruelty) and Jefferson Zurna (Three Moons, Visitor). Five upsetting ceremonies of severe vocal swamp, claustrophobic Midi puncture and electric viola scratch, compounded by hypnotizing reeds vortex and high level of uncomfortable electro suction. Recorded in glorious analog to Tascam-388 1/4" tape at Logville, in Minneapolis, MN Summer of 2013.

Professionally duplicated lilac shell Cobalt cassette with white imprint comes packaged with deluxe three panel double sided full color fold out j-card on glossy card stock, featuring original photography of obscure Tiki textile and monolithic hoop-stone statue, plus lengthy psychological deep-dive garble text inside to aid in further confusion and alienation. Edition of 100, only half of which are available here. Far beyond Ouija.

Edition of 50

SINDRE BJERGA - 'Every Failure Is A Success' c40

Master of detritus Sindre Bjerga returns to the imprint with a fresh transmission of damaged sound environments. Trash pile eternal, ever leaking grease. A matched pair of recent live documents from Germany and Norway, each capturing a piercing shard of light projected through layers of crumbling stone and poisonous dirt. 

Real time duplicated clear shell cassette comes with stark white printed labels, beautifully packaged with printed cotton-rag vellum insert and vintage white lace wrapping with clear transparency overlay. Texture worship, mangle serene. Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies.

Edition of 50

KARMICIEL WSZY - 'Teorema' c30

New aural smog transmission of penetrative dark ambient from KW of Poland, shimmer/shade, sink and swell. Deep tone immersion environments, zero gravity tank float w/ pale thin cord attached.

Real time duplicated black shell Chrome II cassette with lacquer sealed labels comes packaged with fold out two color process print j-card on glossy 80 pt. stock. Hand numbered limited edition of 50 copies. Focused clarity, tunnel vision through opaque blue smoke.

Edition of 50

BRUTE HEART - 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' VHS

Happy to unleash this supreme analog document of the classic 1920 German expressionist horror film, presented with new original score by Brute Heart. Commissioned by the Walker Art Center in 2012, this score was originally performed live at an outdoor screening of the film as part of the Summer Open Field performance series. The soundtrack was initially released on cassette by Moon Glyph in 2013, but until now the film and original score have never been synched together for private viewing. This work finds the Brute Heart trio of Jackie Beckey, Crystal Brinkman, and Crystal Myslajek expanding their ranks and sound palette to include Jonathan Kaiser on cello and John Marks on modular synthesizer/processing.

Bright purple VHS with full color labels comes packaged in large black vinyl clamshell with full color card stock artwork. Real-time duplicated in high quality SP Mode w/ full stereo surround sound. Includes 2.75 x 3″ print insert. Hand numbered limited edition of 50 copies. (NTSC only)

Edition of 50

CRUELTY - s/t c36

“Cruelty, very far from being a vice, is the first sentiment Nature injects in us all.” - Marquis De Sade. 

New full length Horror-lounge electro transmission from Minneapolis trio of Naomi Joy (Mother of Fire, Reno), Markus Lunkenheimer (Skoal Kodiak, Mar Habrine) & Andy Neubauer (Impractical Cockpit, Twin Whips). Gurgling beauty, not without groove yet retaining a foreboding bummer approach. Spidery knife edge guitar solos and abrasive reptile-hiss wave upon rhythmic lurch. Organ crank, steady thud and bass plod, sealed with poisonous vocal kiss. Vague in regards to classifiable genre form, Cruelty melts various respective elements to form both noxious ointment and healing salve. A collection of tracks recorded in private locations around the city of Minneapolis, compiled over the years 2014-2015. Professionally duplicated to high-bias Cobalt tape, metallic gold shell cassette with white imprint comes packaged with full color two panel double sided J-card in white and clear Norelco case. Limited edition of 100.

Edition of 100

CLEAR FLUIDS - Sicariidae c20

Clear Fluids returns to the imprint presenting a strong new EP of synthesized spider sound, straddling the line between epic adventure and active ambient themes. Five tracks focused on the instinct, behavior and classification of Arachnae, with sound influences ranging from classic horror score minimalism to contemporary dungeon synth grandeur. Clear shell cassette with olive green labels comes packaged with full color card stock j-card featuring original photography of an eight legged neighbor, includes vellum insert. Hand numbered edition of 25.

"The spider's touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread and lives along the line."
- Alexander Pope

Edition of 25

TWIN WHIPS - s/t c28

      Wading through waist deep mud, choking on sulphuric haze. Fresh physical document of raw live action from TWIN WHIPS. Bleak electronics brutalism and unsettling dungeon sound from South Minneapolis duo of Andy Neubauer & Matthew Himes. Two side long tracks of industrial dark ambient/electro fog for malicious dream state. Electric viola, waveform generator, handmade 8-track loops and menacing hypno-growl combine to disturbing effect. Swell and ebb via blown equipment, sealed w/ supremely twisted vocal attack. Professionally duplicated to cobalt tape, bright red imprint on opaque white shell with red leader. Comes beautifully packaged with custom two color process print J-card on 35 pt. gloss stock featuring full lyric transcription on the inside. Edition of 100. Bad vibes all around!

Edition of 100

OFFICE SKIN - "Slough"c18
     “The only instrument to be heard on this recording besides the human voice & a standard drum kit is the Ansible. It has a purple gray face and sensitive ears that can reproduce anything it is told, within reason.  A cluster of wires in the guise of a marionette... Mixxxed under duress (the first time) from a Tascam 388 (of Paul’s Boutique fame!) Many versions curated or disposed of in the process... Thrash is not trash. Peruse this living document in the spirit of our seafaring forebears, who know sinking stones raise the bar.”
                             - Andy Neubauer

    Office Skin is Andres Varela / Harry Childe of Minneapolis. Recorded to 1/4” tape by Andy Neubauer & Lungman in Phillips neighborhood, Spring 2014. Toxic lime green cassette w/ black imprint, professionally duplicated to cobalt tape. Packaged with cardstock insert featuring electronics how-to illustration and xerox insert, edition of 100.

Edition of 100

AK'CHAMEL, The Giver of Illness - "My Form Has Been Extinguished" VHS

      Bizarre and intense neo-pagan gargle from the shadows of Texas. Dead chuffed to present this new original film work from Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness entitled “My Form Has Been Extinguished”. A warped and lovely stew of damaged folk/broken world music/ low-fi black metal and tangled tape wonk, "My Form…" is a gloom-laden hypnotic document following a faceless shaman’s quest to incarnate the primordial spirits of chaos and destruction. Organic forms twisted and incessantly folding into deeper new selves for complete dissolve of the physical realm. Extreme psychedelia, 56 minutes. CAUTION: This film contains heavily manipulated visuals which may cause severe nausea in some viewers. This film also contains “strobe” light effects and is not to be viewed by anyone with Epilepsy, or by anyone using a pace maker or mechanical heart assistance. Bright red shell VHS comes packaged with full color spine and face labels, housed in heavy black vinyl clamshell case with full color cardstock artwork and “This Film May Make You Sick” warning insert. Analog fetish object, delivering supreme audio/visual disassociation for only the most melted of minds. Hand numbered edition of 50, upsetting and beautiful.

Edition of 50

JASON MILLARD - Second Based c30

Wow, such a warped and ripping solo debut from Jason Millard of Minneapolis. In case you have not been paying any attention at all; J. was the guitar man in the psych-pound group LIGHTED. He currently plays lap steel in experimental doom-rock trio MYRRH, as well being bass slinger in minimal Kyuss-jazz unit LAND. But this... this is something else entirely. We are blissed to deliver these fresh recordings to the people, providing only the most uncompromising sounds for our dedicated (glutton for punishment) listeners.
        An actual album of songs, all written at the time of recording, mostly 1st take. No long form improv noodle here, rather a series of concise sonic statements, mashing to congeal into thick paste for ideal forehead smear. These recordings are RAW, using the simple means of basically only voice, acoustic guitar, and tape machines. No looping pedals or fuzz distortion pedals were used in the making of this album. The results are staggering; crude glimpses of brilliance through the murk. Like ZZ Top trying to play “Meet The Residents”? Bizarre but catchy, almost tangible but severely mangled. Outsider song-smithery that puts to shame the throngs of hippy dippy “psychedelic” singer-songwriters that people seem to drool over. This sounds less like watching grass grow and more like peeling paint with gasoline. Heavy solvent fume, grotesque production values, so fucked. Difficult to accurately describe but completely unforgettable, coming to you with our highest possible recommendation.
 Professionally duplicated to Type II Chrome, imprinted bright orange shell cassette comes classically packaged with full color baseball card artwork in black/clear Norelco case. Includes large double sided fold-out 4” x 17” xeroxed lyric sheet, edition of 100. Prepare for vapor lock.

Edition of 100