12" LP

             Clare Hubbard stays busy with her musical projects Ancestral Diet and Sports, but she might be best known for her folk-based work as Caethua. Her side is entitled "Wrecks and Rescues", and is an epic and dusty side-long track of beautiful creaking folk-craft. In the winter of 2008, Clare recorded herself at home in Bloomington, IN. She delicately layers synth, strings, horns, electronics, percussion and vocals, along with 5 years worth of field recordings taken from the St. Lawrence River and her wanderings through swamps, fields and forests. Soft tones and organic rustlings blend beautifully with melancholy string plunk and blown-out electro growl to create a brilliantly shimmering psychedelic-folk masterpiece. Shep and Me's side entitled "Tube Mind" is more firmly rooted in traditional Americana folk and blues music, yet still manages to keep itself wedged into a pretty strange corner. All five tracks feature Matthew Himes collaborating with H. Caleb Gamble. Both sing and play nylon and steel stringed guitars in addition to using tape loops, french horn, lap steel, live percussion, drum machines, electronics and waveform oscillators to present a uniquely twisted vision of contemporary folk music. Masterfully recorded to 1/2" 8 track tape by Ryan Fontaine in Minneapolis MN, May of 2008.  Plaintive and stark gutter-country songs about seasonal shifts and the horrors of these modern times.
Heavyweight 180 gram black vinyl pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies. Comes beautifully packaged in an anti-static audiophile inner sleeve with a hand numbered double-sided insert and two color glossy cardstock outer, hand stamped and screen-printed front and back by M. H. Protected in a thick 5mil plastic outer sleeve w/ 1" sticker. Birds chirping, dogs barking, melancholy caterwaul and shimmering keys. Downright lovely.

Nice review from Auxiliary Out

Edition of 500

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